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Very happy with my new Clinique mascara!! I was having difficulty finding a product that gave me the look I wanted. Thanks to Keela for listening to my concerns and talking me through exactly what I was looking for in a mascara. She made several suggestions and told me where I could find them!! It was so nice to have someone to talk to without feeling the pressure of a salesperson trying to push a particular product! So glad to have Keela as a go-to resource!! Thanks!


-Kathy C.

I LOVE eightyfive beauty’s Makeup Inventory! As I went through the process of cleaning out my makeup, I realized that I was holding on to so much that wasn’t helping me feel fabulous! Keela has some amazing tips for keeping your makeup drawer fresh, up to date, and organized. The Makeup Inventory left me feeling more confident, put together, and energized about my makeup collection!


-Lyndsey O.

Keela is a makeup genius. What I like best about her approach is she's realistic and relatable. Finding makeup that best suits your personality and skin-types can be hard and makeup in general can feel intimidating. Keela takes away all of those feelings and makes you feel empowered and educated. I recommend her to anyone looking to start a new makeup regime or need a refresher. She's my go-to girl!

-Brigitte A.

The work of eightyfive beauty is founder Keela Fowler's zone of genius. I have never encountered a makeup artist with her level of skill, practicality, artistry, and mentorship. Her expertise may even cast a wider net than Fenty Beauty's 50 foundation shades. Seriously.

If you think your skin tone, eyebrow shape, hair colour, WHATEVER, precludes you from finding accessible techniques and products -- I can happily say that under eightyfive beauty's guidance, you'll have an opportunity to be proven wrong.

When Keela showed me how to do my makeup I was blown away. She was able to create something I loved from the 6-7 products in my own makeup bag, adding a few simples steps and tools along the way. I feel 100% confident that I could actually reproduce it, too, which is outrageous.

Normally I feel overwhelmed and defeated by makeup. I often just don't wear any. Previous encounters with makeup artists left me with a face that I not only felt uncomfortable with, but that I could never do on my own. Keela has changed all that for me! If you have any opportunity to learn from her -- TAKE IT!! Her approachable teaching style and wicked sense of humour are icing on the cake.


-Ally G.

Yes! Use eightyfive beauty for all your make up needs!

I had a make up consultation with founder Keela Fowler the week before my wedding. The parameters were a) I need to be able to do the look myself and b) I cannot afford to buy anything else for this wedding. eightyfive beauty delivered on both fronts!

Keela walked me (via computer camera) through the entire wedding day look, giving me tips and techniques along the way. We used only products I already owned. I learned new techniques and found better ways to make my current products work for me. I not only achieved the look I was going for, but Keela also taught me techniques to remedy my mistakes, because... I make them.

I am so happy with the outcome and left the consultation with a stronger working knowledge of my own personal make up techniques moving forward!

Thank you eightyfive beauty!

-Allison M.

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