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kicking intimidation to the curb


showing women how makeup can feel accessible and easy

Hi, I'm Keela Fowler and I'm the founder and CEO of eightyfive beauty. I've been fascinated by makeup since I was a little girl and when I turned 16, my parents finally gave me the "green light" to wear it. I FELL IN LOVE! I quickly realized I wanted to be a makeup artist and transform women.

After years of working for brands such as L'Oreal, MAC, & Bourjois and doing freelance makeup, I found that while there's an incredible amount of diversity in women and their preferences, one thing united them: the desire to feel beautiful. . . and like themselves.

That is my mission: to help women kick intimidation to the curb and show women how makeup can feel accessible and easy. No matter how much or how little makeup you use, I want it to meet your needs and light you up.

Because every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

Stay fabulous,

Keela Fowler


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