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Let me tell you a story about one of my clients. We’ll call her “Morgan”. Morgan is someone I knew from a class that we took together in grad school. She was kind, generous, super helpful, and also very introverted. The more you spoke to her and got to know her, the more she would open up to you. Now some people think I’m constantly looking at people and evaluating their makeup. I promise you I’m not! I notice things, though. And what I noticed about Morgan is that she didn’t wear makeup. You have to remember: makeup is a choice. No one has to wear makeup. I don’t always wear makeup. I don’t think anything positive or negative about people’s choices to wear makeup or not. I simply noticed that Morgan didn’t wear makeup. So fast forward to this past spring when I launched my Makeup Coaching Program (MCP).


I was SO excited when I saw that Morgan joined MCP. As we worked together through the four weeks of the program, I learned that she wanted just a little foundation to even out her skintone. We picked the right one for her, and I also gave her some additional recommendations based on some of her feedback throughout the weeks.


You have to remember. . .Morgan and I are friends. This means I see her, we talk, we get together. And remember. . .I notice people’s choices to wear or not wear makeup. Let me tell you about Morgan. . .


I started to notice that she was wearing her foundation. At first, I didn’t make a fuss because I didn’t want to make her nervous that I was able to see it. I have supersonic sight when it comes to makeup. Of course, I saw it! But after the first few times I let her know that I noticed she was wearing her foundation and that it looked nice. I think we all could do much better about giving compliments to people. They’re free and they do nothing but make people feel good. I’m all for it!


A couple months passed and then I began noticing that every time I saw Morgan she just looked. . . GREAT! She held herself with more confidence, she looked happier, and you just couldn’t help but notice her! And let me tell you. . . the maximum number of products I ever saw on her face at any given time was 3 products: foundation, a bit of mascara, and a little lipgloss.


I’m telling you, I’ve seen Morgan step up in conquering some of her fears, she’s taking chances instead of talking herself out of opportunities, she’s more vocal in small groups, and she is just thriving! When she speaks, people listen.


I want that for YOU!


If you want it too, grab your ticket to the Back to Basics Workshop.


MCP is a program I believe in so much, but I recognize that it is a high price point for many. It’s expensive but worth it! You work one on one with me over a month’s time and get so much valuable insight and a comprehensive recommendation list. But what so many of you are saying you need is the basics: how-tos, easy to follow frameworks of how to approach makeup, and affirmation that you’re doing it right! That is what this workshop is all about, and it’s more affordable than a trip to Target!

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Details & FAQs

Need to know more? Read through the details and frequently asked questions below.

You’ve been asking for it and it’s finally here! The Back to Basics Workshop is your entrance into the world of makeup. 


“What makeup do I need? I’m still using my mom’s makeup!”


“What is the purpose for this product?”


“How do I do eyeshadow?”


Sound like YOU? This is an online group workshop that will take place over the course of 5 days. That’s right. . . in just 5 DAYS you can learn (or brush up on) all of the beginner basics you need to jumpstart your makeup education.


Why a group? Because as a teacher, I know that there is a huge benefit to having a community to talk to, ask questions, and connect with. Learning on your own? That’s cool. Learning with a friend? Even better!


There will be a private Facebook group just for Back to Basics Workshop (BBW) members so you have a special place to gather and connect. I’ll also jump in there to answer your questions and give you insights I don’t share anywhere else. Let’s do this!


The workshop will run from Monday, January 13, 2020 - Friday, January 17, 2020 and each video session will be hosted at 8pm EST

Not available to join a session live? No problem! Each session will be available for replay to watch later.


What you will get:


  • 1 hour LIVE daily video instruction with Q&A session for 5 days

  • Private Facebook Group access to have a community of like-minded makeup beginners to connect with

  • Video library of each session to go back and re-watch at your own pace

  • Access to join future Back to Basics Workshops at the current price you’re paying. *No matter what price increases may occur in the future, you are locked in at only ever having to repurchase the Workshop for the price you pay today! 


Who is this for?


Anyone who wants to get a fresh start of learning the beginning stages of makeup. All members must be at least 18 years old.


This isn’t for me, but it sounds PERFECT for someone I know. How do I nudge them your way?


This makes for a great holiday or birthday gift! Experience gifts are the gifts that keep giving, and this is an experience your loved one will not want to miss. Simply purchase a ticket and send an email to with your order number and name of the person you would like to gift this experience to. I’ll then make the proper adjustments to the order to ensure they are signed up for the workshop.


Refund Policy


Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds for this workshop at this time.


How long do I have to purchase?


Sale ends Sunday, January 5 at 11:59pm EST.

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