TOSS that mascara: save your eyeballs!

When did you buy that tube of mascara? Do you even know? Every single time I grab a new mascara it’s like the universe has gifted me once again. You do care about me! My lashes thank you!

But what also happens is that I use it. . . and use it. . . and use it. . . until I’m not sure how long it’s been in my makeup bag. And this matters, because here’s the super gross truth: your mascara is a breeding ground for BACTERIA! Think about it: every time you swipe your mascara through your eyelashes, you slide that wand back into a tube of darkness. Do that too many times and plenty of icky bacteria can collect.

So, what is the “toss that stuff out” date? 3 months.

That’s all you get, friends. Three beautiful months of great lashes and then it’s time to repurchase. Now for those

of you makeup junkies out there, like myself, this is a WIN, WIN!

“An excuse to have to go out and buy makeup? YES, PLEASE!”

But for those of you who find that idea daunting. . . that can feel super sucky. I have a tip to keep your sweet little eyeballs safe (no eye infection for you!), and the mascara train rolling.

Grab some washi tape, a Sharpie, and your mascara.

This is easiest if you’ve just opened a new tube, but if you can accurately remember when you opened yours, that works too.

1. Wrap a piece of washi tape around the mascara tube.

2. Write the date of when you opened it, and the date 3 months in the future

3. When you get close to the end date, go buy a new tube of mascara.

TOSS that old mascara away!

I know, I know, it can feel “wasteful” to toss what appears to be a perfectly good tube of mascara. But trust me, your non-infected eyeballs will thank me later!

So, let’s hear it: Have you tried this trick? As soon as you do, snap a pic for Instagram and tag me at @eightyfivebeauty. I want to see you put this tip into action. Happy lashes, ladies!

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