You’re Going Back to the Store!

I'm sending you back to the store. I know . . . you’re already upset. You’re thinking (with an attitude too!) “Why am I going back to the store?”

I can tell you in five simple words:


Listen, we’re in this one together. Too many times we buy a foundation or concealer that just doesn’t work. Sometimes the color is wrong, it doesn’t work for our skin, or we simply don’t like it.

It’s ok! We all make mistakes. What’s not ok is letting those unused products take up room in your makeup bag while you sit at home stewing in your own frustration and feeling really bad about being out of your hard earned money!

That is why I'm happy to introduce you to your money life saver: THE RETURN POLICY!

Many, and I mean MANY stores have return policies on makeup. Did you know that?

“How about Sephora?” 60 days with a receipt

Ulta? 60 days with a receipt. Without a receipt you can get a store credit.

Nordstrom? They don’t list a day limit, but they definitely take returns.

Target? 90 days unopened with receipt. We recommend calling your nearest location first to ask about used makeup items.

CVS? 60 days with a receipt. Without a receipt you can get a store credit.

Walgreens? 30 days with a receipt.

Maybe you don’t need to return, but just to exchange and get a different shade. Even better! Go get your correct color.

Not sure what their policy is? Don’t just hop in the car and waste your gas to find out you can’t make your return! Give them a call first to double check. Gas is too expensive and your time is too precious to get there and be further upset.

Bottom line: life's too short to hold onto makeup that doesn't make you feel beautiful. It's time to do something about it.


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