The Signature is the perfect combination of learning about what you already have, what you need to learn, and guidance on how to get what you need. $550 Value


  • Makeup bag breakdown: 1 hour of going through your makeup bag, assessing what works, what doesn’t, and how best to use each product. $150

  • Makeup demonstration: 1 hour of hands on demonstration of how to apply one entire makeup look from start to finish. $150

  • BONUS Makeup demonstration: Hands on demonstration of how to apply one additional makeup look from start to finish. A perfect opportunity to discover an alternate look so you can mix it up from day to day. $150

  • Assisted Makeup Shopping with Keela $100 + cost of items purchased One hour of makeup shopping in store with Keela. No more overwhelm while scanning the aisles trying to find the best products for you. Keela will help you choose exactly what you need while giving you a crash course in how you can learn what to look for to make those decisions yourself the next time you find yourself in the makeup store. *This service costs $100 and you are responsible for purchasing the items you want in store. With The Premium you choose between this and the Ultimate Makeup Collection.

The Signature

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