Private Makeup Lessons

learn how to do easy, quick, and low maintenance makeup that’s personalized and perfect for you

  • assess what's in your makeup bag that works, doesn't work, and how to fix it

  • step by step demonstration and instruction of how to apply YOUR perfect makeup look

  • makeup shopping with an expert who can eliminate the overwhelm of the makeup aisles while being your buffer from pushy yet well-meaning salespeople

  • expertly curated collection of makeup products and tools that are perfect for your needs and help you avoid waiting for several online orders to arrive

  • packages that include all of the above

Makeup Coaching

one-on-one four week program guiding you through

  • creating a makeup routine that fits your time

  • learning how to decide when to splurge and when to save on makeup products

  • building a quick and easy makeup look you can wear any day of the week

  • shopping without feeling overwhelmed, oversold, and taken advantage of

*limited amount of spots open each month

Makeup Inventory

FREE 3-part video training that shows you how to sort through your makeup to build your perfect makeup collection

Back to Basics Workshop

online group workshop to learn the basics of makeup 

Free Makeup Consultation Call

have questions about any of the services? set up a 15 minute call with Keela and gain insight into how eightyfive beauty services can help YOU

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