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Do you feel like your makeup always looks the same even when you try to make it look different?

You can feel more confident  with trying new makeup and nailing it. Even if you mess up, you’ll know how to fix it  fast  before going to work.

Love the way makeup looks on everyone else, but can’t for the life of you blend anything?

You're allowed to stop trying, and instead give yourself  permission  to learn about and use products that do all the heavy lifting for you!

Have an idea of how you’d like to look, but not sure how to get there? 

Imagine having a  simple  go-to makeup routine that’s easy  to achieve.

Makeup Tune-Up is a group makeup coaching experience, with a personalized touch, that will get you the look you want and take all of the guessing out of it. You’ll finally learn the basics about makeup that’s just right for you, whether your concern is applying the right colors for your eye and hair color, finding products that match your skin tone, or addressing the changes you’ve been seeing in your skin. The bonus? In the group you’ll simultaneously learn even more since other people will have their own questions!

Why Makeup Tune-Up Was Created


"I’ve tried a billion mascaras and never gone back to the same one. New products come out all the time. Ugh, now here we go again! I’m out of this stuff, do I try something new? Do I stick with what I already have? I’m literally back to square one."

What You'll Learn

In this group coaching experience you’re going to learn what works for you and what doesn’t, how to communicate what you like and dislike in makeup products, and how to feel so much more sure of yourself when changing things up with your makeup.

And can we also say, "Heck yeah," to:

  • Knowing what adjustments to make as you get older: your skin needs different things.

  • Getting your makeup right so you feel confident and put together.

  • The makeup tricks that don’t leave you with that heavy feeling on your skin.


I have never encountered a makeup artist with Keela Fowler's level of skill, practicality, artistry, and mentorship. When Keela showed me how to do my makeup I was blown away. She was able to create something I loved from the 6-7 products in my own makeup bag, adding a few simples steps and tools along the way. I feel 100% confident that I could actually reproduce it, too, which is outrageous. If you have any opportunity to learn from her -- TAKE IT!!

-Ally G.

Keela is a makeup genius. What I like best about her approach is she's realistic and relatable. Finding makeup that best suits your personality and skin-types can be hard and makeup in general can feel intimidating. Keela takes away all of those feelings and makes you feel empowered and educated. I recommend her to anyone looking to start a new makeup regime or need a refresher. She's my go-to girl!​

-Brigitte A.

Meet Keela

I remember my first time working as a makeup artist when my client looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I didn’t know I could look like that!” with a beaming smile on her face. That moment never gets old for me. I love to help women find what makes them feel beautiful. I know how hard it is to see a look in a magazine, social media, or Pinterest and think, “THAT! That’s what I want to look like,” and feeling like you could never match up. All you need is someone to guide you and teach you the specific techniques that work for your unique features, face shape, eye color, and skin tone to get the results you want. I'm here to help.

Here's what's included

It all begins with you completing the Getting Started Questionnaire to give me all the details on your current makeup routine, any concerns you have, and your goals for the program. Then we get into the group experience!

Weekly Coffee & Cocktails Chats

Grab a cup, fill it with your choice of beverage, and hop on Zoom with the crew to discuss the prompt of the week. Your responses and reactions to the prompts I send out each week will give me personalized data on your likes, dislikes, favorite products, and the way you truly want to look. This is where we learn from each other while I learn about you!

3 Exclusive Makeup Looks

We co-create the personalized makeup looks you've been wanting, with tips curated for YOU based on your individual needs and preferences. These won't be shared anywhere else and will be your "makeup outfits" you can rotate in and out depending on your mood, the occasion, and how you want to feel

3 Group Coaching Calls

I share your curated makeup looks with you and coach you through step-by-step. We'll review the products you already have that work and I'll share recommendations, as needed, to perfectly fill the gaps between the image you have or yourself in your head and making it a reality in the mirror tomorrow!

You’ve been doing your makeup the same way you always have and using the products you’ve always used. If you can update your closet each Labor Day sale, upgrade to the latest iphone, switch out your purse every few months, and break out the home decor bins for every holiday, you can enhance your makeup routine. It’s time for a tune-up!


Can I change my mind and get a refund?

Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds on services, packages, or coaching experiences at this time.

Have a question that wasn't answered here?

Watch the video below to hear directly from Keela about all of the services and the best way they can help. Still have questions? Email us at and Keela will be happy to answer any of your remaining questions.

Next steps. . .

You will receive a confirmation email from eightyfive beauty ( immediately confirming your purchase. Once the group has been filled, Keela will send another email with further details for coaching call dates and times.


Thank you so much for choosing eightyfive beauty for your makeup needs.

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